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Reading Lesson Idea: The Letter C


Provide practice reading words that contain the letter C. These words can be difficult to decode, because that letter can sound like /s/ or /k/.

  • Handout The C Rule.
  • Additional materials depending on student’s learning style: White board or manipulative letters, and highlighter.
  • Consider the student’s level; it may be best to introduce only one rule or sound at a time.
  • Use the words ”celery” and "city" to illustrate when the letter C has the /s/ sound (when followed by “e” or “i”).
  • Use the words "cap", "corner" and "cup" to illustrate when the letter C has the /k/ sound (when followed by "a", "o" or "u").
  • Practice should be presented visually and aurally. Depending on your student's level practice one or both patterns in a session.
  • Ways to practice:
    • Student reads the list of practice words in the handout.
    • Tutor dictates the practice words; student writes word on white board or with manipulative letters.
    • Student or tutor highlights letter “C” words in a written text, then student reads words.
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